Understanding Your Most Valuable Relationships Is Critical

5 Steps to Understanding Your Most Valuable Relationships

What's Your Relationship Data Status?

While the Relationship Data Platform is ultimately created by combining our data with your data across your native workflows, it starts with the data we collect from over 30,000 business sources.  We’ve developed a closed loop process that involves collecting, cleansing, matching and enriching data, which in turn delivers unmatched scope, flexibility and reliability for our customers.  Within this cycle lies our patented DUNSRight process, which enables us to turn an enormous stream of data into high quality business information. This comprehensive cycle ensures you are accessing the optimal insights needed to successfully match and link data to the appropriate entities for consistency and standardization across the globe.

Step1: Identify

Identify, evaluate and understand all the sources of information you would want to have at your disposal in order to make informed decisions about the entities you conduct business with on a daily basis.

Step 2: Collect

Gather every insight and piece of knowledge you have to build your internal intelligence. While you want to rely on collecting information from every structured and unstructured source, it’s important to be cognizant of what’s relevant to your business needs. This means having processes in place to assess the character, quality, permissible use and opportunity cost of collection.

Step 3: Organize

Organizing data has several steps that are at the core enabling an understanding of your business relationships. The ability to identify the appropriate business entities, associate them across their extended legal relationships provides a rich view that can inform your sales coverage, pricing and negotiated terms, product offerings and more.

This step in the process involves Identity Resolution and our patented DUNSRight

Step 4: Enrich

Enriching your data with content from D&B provides additional insights that enhance the view of potential business relationships across multiple entities across the globe. With data from over 30,000 sources, the depth and breadth of our data empowers you to make smarter business decisions with more accuracy and proficiency to grow at scale.

Step 5: Discover

The insights are what transforms data into dollars. Our team of data scientists and analysts employs sophisticated methods leveraging the latest in advanced analytics to help you better understand the opportunities and risks associated with connected business entities. From real-time effects to long-term consequences identified in the data, we identify what otherwise would not be visible through simple sources. These include propensity models, material change analytics and Tier N supplier risk assessments.

We continue to advance our capability with billions of signals set by unstructured content to understand the impact that non-transactional data – including unstructured and social data – can have on a company’s product plans, product sales and potential risks or crisis.