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Your Growth

Whether you are a seasoned team leader or just kicking off your career, your growth matters to us. That’s why we recently put a new team of people in place who are thinking long and hard about how to support your development. While we’re still in the early phases of our planning, our end-goal is to set you up for success in your role at Dun & Bradstreet and build a robust curriculum for leaders and individual contributors of all levels.

The Foundation: “Performance Agility”

We've modernized our approach to performance and have developed a framework called "Performance Agility". What we love about the word agility is that it captures all of the dimensions of performance: delivering on priorities, building our culture, and sustaining high performance. The goal of performance agility is to accelerate strategy execution by accelerating individual performance. It's creating the right conditions and mindset for you to leverage your strengths to deliver and develop.

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Learning for Leaders:

As a team leader, you’ll play an important role in the lives of your people and are expected to perform at the top of your game. To help, we’ve developed a learning program that will enhance the value you bring to your team and the company. At this point, we offer three core programs and a variety of electives so that leaders can create their own ideal learning experience:

  • Core: The Power of Coaching, Mastering Feedback, Managing@ D&B.
  • Electives: Leading Virtual Teams, The Art of Delegation, Interviewing at D&B, Buddy to Boss, Shaping Futures

As a team leader, you’ll play an important role in the lives of your team members

Our CEO Leadership Experience Program:

We are thrilled to have launched a program designed to provide our most senior leaders an intensive and rigorous learning experience that enhances their ability to lead at scale. Cohorts of individuals work together through several days of in-person experiences where they refine their personal brand, reflect on their current leadership practices, and develop their ability to lead and influence within our company values. Feedback from the program’s first cohort of participants has been excellent, but we will continue to refine our thinking in the spirit of continuous improvement! Stay tuned.

Dun & Bradstreet has built a robust curriculum for leaders and individual contributors of all levels to help our employees succeed

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