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Jenal Embry
VP Supply Chain Solutions



Q. What has kept you here at D&B for 15 years?
A. Opportunity! I've had the opportunity to reinvent myself constantly. I've had 11 jobs here, and each was really interesting, and gave me the backdrop and experience I needed to constantly grow and evolve. Another thing: I've been surrounded by very smart people - some of the smartest people I've ever met.

Q. What's unique about Sales at D&B?
A. As a content provider, we service all business sizes and types, with many use cases and job functions. So what that means for a seller is that there are endless opportunities to sell. For example, if you are a customer in marketing, we've got a thousand things you could buy, and a thousand use cases. And, we could sell it to you at your level, or your boss's level - customers at all levels. The possibilities are endless.

Q: What about Supply Chain Solutions is compelling to you?
A. Before taking this role, I researched the marketplace and realized supply and compliance are the hottest things at D&B. And we're just getting started. You see, only a portion of the marketplace knows what D&B has to offer. All we have to do is get an appointment with a customer, and then the conversation is easy to have because we're so relevant to so many businesses. And, my team is comprised of subject matter experts. So if a customer is a CPO, or a category buyer, or a director of indirect, and we were able to get a meeting with you, we'll put the right person in front of you and opportunity is generated 100% of the time.

Q. What is your team most excited about these days?
A. Meeting the corporate social responsibility requirements with products like our responsible business analytics. Millennials are requiring us to do things much differently. We've got to sell differently, communicate differently, and service the supply chain space differently. Millennials do a ton of research and really care; they don't want to buy just anything. So we're excited about evolving with products like our diversity and green indicators, and our recent Human Trafficking index.

Q. What's your approach to team and people management?
A. I think the one-size-fits-all approach to sales management is not my style whatsoever. Each person is so unique and has a customized set of roles and strengths and opportunities. My job is to figure out what motivates them, and influence them to get better. I always ask everybody: what do you need help on today? Have you hit anything that I can take off your plate? You're on the road, can I be your delegate? Are there any calls that I can take for you while you're on the plane for two hours? It's just about trying to be helpful, and kind - all in the spirit of getting deals to close for these guys so they can make money and then go live their lives.

Q. What's your definition of top talent?
A. People have to be creative because there are so many products to sell, and those products can be applied in a variety of contexts. For example, as a supply chain person, I can sell Hoovers to a customer even if it's got a 'sales & marketing' product code. So, listening to a customer, and then creatively architecting that deal is really important. People also have to be committed to customer satisfaction. You could be an enterprise seller, you could be a middle market seller - it doesn't matter. I need examples and stories that show me an exceptionally high level of customer satisfaction. The last thing is hustle. Be committed to the job. Have a strong work ethic. The job could be 17 hours today, and 2 hours tomorrow. Just do the job when the work needs to be done.

Q. In one word, describe work and life at Dun & Bradstreet.
A. Opportunity.


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