Barbara Bianchi

Business Development Leader


Q: How do you describe your role? ​
A: My job requires that I focus mainly on building strong and jointly profitable business relationship with our World Wide Network Partners, while working on special projects such as co-investment initiatives or defining new rules of engagement with customers. ​

Q: What do you love about your role? ​
A: I love to be free to define my daily work by prioritizing and overcoming new challenges. I have the unique chance to share my opinions with colleagues and business partners from every part of the globe and learn from their experience to fuel the future of the company with new ideas. ​

Q: What is one of your recent projects you enjoyed working on? ​
A: Over one year ago, with a small group of volunteered World Wide Network Partners, I started to closely collaborate on an ambitious co-innovation project. As a result of that intense work, we are now developing a new co-funded product that will be available to all the WWN Members. ​

Q: What is unique about working at Dun & Bradstreet? ​
A: One of Dun & Bradstreet’s greatest assets has always been its people. You always meet someone great for the first time, or you do something exciting and new - even if you're here since over 20 years! ​

Q: What do you do when you’re not working? ​
A: Days are really hectic with a busy husband, a dynamic kid and a young dog. Our luggage is always ready for small holiday trips - but when we are all at home, I love cooking for my family and friends, and taking care of my garden. ​