Payment/Credit Card Terms

As to automatic renewals/installment payments/usage payments, D&B will bill Customer by way of the same method of payment with which Customer made its initial payment. To the extent Customer licenses any Services using a credit card or in a manner similar to a credit card purchase (collectively a “Credit Card”) and as mandated by global payment card brands in order to be compliant with the stored credential framework, Customer hereby authorizes D&B to store and share such Credit Card information with D&B’s third party partners, including credit card and similar payment processors (in all cases in compliance with PCI-DSS and other applicable security standards), and solely in connection with billing activities and in order to facilitate continued billing for Services. If the Credit Card used to purchase a license to Services reaches its expiration date or is otherwise not able to be charged, and Customer does not edit this Credit Card’s information and Customer’s account has not otherwise been closed, Customer authorizes D&B or D&B’s third party partners to store and share Customer expiration date and a token associated with Customer Credit Card Information with D&B’s third party partners to update Customer’s Credit Card information and bill such Credit Card and Customer will continue to remain responsible for any uncollected amounts.


Refund/Cancellation Policy

Dun & Bradstreet does not issue refunds or allow cancellation of purchases except as explicitly agreed in the order form.