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Capital MarketsUnique data and analytics to identify investment opportunities, manage risk and comply with regulations
Make Smarter, More Efficient DecisionsDun & Bradstreet offers premium data sets that meet the needs of enterprise data and compliance specialists, as well as trading and investment professionals. By delivering trusted data and analytics on over 265 million businesses worldwide, we help firms to meet regulatory requirements while increasing efficiency and outperforming benchmarks.

Exceptional data to drive shrewd decisions

Today’s capital markets are all about speed to market. You need easy access to the right data intelligence to execute with agility, and beat your rivals in the world’s most competitive business. From alpha generation to reduced risk exposure to meeting regulatory requirements, Dun & Bradstreet has the capital markets data expertise you require.

Data for Alpha, Risk and Data Management

Gain an edge on the marketplaceAs a capital markets participant, you need unique intelligence on public and private companies — data and analytics that will empower you to comply with regulations, increase operational efficiency and generate alpha.
We have a high level of interest in the financial ecosystem of our clients. If Dell is a client, I want to know all about the companies servicing Dell, and the money flows. What financial institutions are they using? Has that changed? Do we have an opportunity here?
Head of Data Management, Large Global Bank
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