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Data-driven Marketing

Master Data Management

Master Data ManagementBusinesses make strategic decisions based upon a variety of data points. It's important that managers and executives understand the basics of how data mining, data validation, and data integration work so that they can speak intelligently about the opportunities and limitations of these processes. Learn more about master data management below.
What is Data Mining?Data mining uses algorithms to identify trends, patterns & correlations within business data.Learn More
How to Generate Sales LeadsA range of tools exist to help uncover targeted sales leads. Learn how business information platforms & other technology can help with lead generation.Learn More
What is Data Validation?Data validation uses rules-based processes to identify inaccurate or inconsistent information, ensuring your decisions are based on sound facts & figures. Learn More
Data Enrichment for BusinessesAutomated data enrichment processes continually add new information to existing records. Learn More
Data Integration: Why It Matters to Your BusinessData integration allows businesses to reconcile data from disparate sources, super-charging their analytics efforts for better insights & strategies.Learn More
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