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D&B Optimizer for MarketingCleanse, enrich and continuously manage your marketing data to deliver actionable insights and accelerate revenue generation
Great marketing starts with great data
D&B Optimizer improves the quality of your data, enabling your sales and marketing teams to generate more predictable and repeatable revenue. By continuously managing and providing richer, more accurate data, D&B Optimizer provides a holistic view of customers, prospects and suppliers.
Visualize the health of your existing database and identify gaps in your target markets and personas.
Continuously cleanse your database to remove duplicates and inaccurate data.
Enrich your database by adding missing data such as company size, industry, and key contacts.
Maintain a single, accurate view of your customers and prospects across multiple platforms, including CRM, MDM, ERP and AP.
Profile your best customers and identify lookalike businesses.
Acquire and engage new contacts who fit your target profile.


How It Works

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D&B Optimizer is a secure data services platform that allows you to assess, cleanse, enrich and append information to all of your contact and company data. Anchored by the DUNSRight® and CleneStep processes, Optimizer helps break down disparate silos of information, providing you with a single view of your customer. Its continuous data management capabilities mitigate risks associated with bad data, increasing your outreach confidence. Multiple deployment options provide you with the flexibility to get the exact data you need, delivered however and wherever you want it.


Company Match & Append

Create a Single View of Your Company Records

  • Standardize data into a consistent format
  • Correct inaccuracies and consolidate duplicate records
  • Classify your best customers and identify new prospects
  • Establish corporate hierarchy with DUNS number

Data Management

Continuously Cleanse & Enrich Contact and Company Data

  • Assess the state of your contact and company data quality
  • Identify and eliminate spam traps and email threats
  • Enrich contact data as it arrives through online forms
  • Improve targeting and segmentation with richer, more complete contact and company details

Targeted Data Acquisition

Identify Your Best Prospects & Increase Market Penetration

  • Start with access to our accurate database of 42M+ B2B contacts
  • Segment, filter and select new contacts that match your target profile and will grow your pipeline
  • Drive sales with intelligence on more than 5,000 installed technologies in your target accounts
  • Keep your contact data clean and actionable with automatic replacement and "trade-back" policy
D&B has been great to work with. Optimizer for Contacts helped us improve the health of our leads and contact database…We improved our email deliverability by almost 30%.
Chandra Patel, Senior Director, Product Marketing, C9 Inc.
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