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Corporate Compliance
Beneficial Ownership

Good corporate governance comes from understanding Beneficial Ownership and knowing the entities with whom business is conducted—all of them

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Uncovering Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) can be challenging without consistent, fast, accurate, and global data. Beneficial Ownership delivers the “one up” linkage data needed for insights into corporate entities and individuals so you can build transparency and remain compliant.
Understand all connections based on the beneficial ownership threshold set by you, instantly
Enhanced, normalized data with a full structure or list of beneficiaries (corporates or people) view
Modern APIs, Batch, and online options for seamless data access and integration

How It Works

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership is important to your business, both from a regulatory and reputational perspective. While compliance dictates the need to know UBOs, your business also illustrates good corporate governance when transparency is adopted. Dun & Bradstreet’s global database provides the deep UBO knowledge you need to make and share smart compliance decisions. With 90 million connections in the D&B database and over 265 million businesses covering 55 countries, your business will benefit from clear insight and risk intelligence on UBOs, delivered in a quick and seamless manner.
Where is the money you’re spending really going?
Understanding who owns and controls the companies with whom you do business can be challenging. This video will reveal how data and analytics can help you identify business ownership and legal structures and overcome regulatory hurdles.
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