Entrust Datacard Increases Lead Effectiveness with D&B Direct for Eloqua

Entrust Datacard offers trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that allow consumers, citizens and employees to make purchases, cross borders, access e-gov services or log into their corporate networks. These audiences increasingly expect anywhere-anytime experiences. With more than 2,000 Entrust Datacard colleagues around the world and a network of strong global partners, the company serves customers in 150 countries worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.entrust.com/

For many businesses, ensuring they’re dealing with trusted identities and that their online transactions are secure is a major concern and pain point. In January 2014, Datacard Group and Entrust joined forces to become one global, industry leader focused on a joint mission to deliver powerful technology advancements and new innovations in identity-based security solutions across digital, physical, mobile and cloud domains that protect physical and digital identities.

Now we can more easily answer the question of how many Fortune 1000 leads we have, and we’re no longer questioned on the quality of the data. Our reporting has become much more transparent and detailed and we can more precisely point to the number of leads we’ve converted to sales.
Dax Davis, Director, Marketing & Social Media

The Challenge: Targeting, Prospecting, and Increasing Lead Effectiveness

Understanding the value of data and insight when it comes to identity and verification, Entrust Datacard was looking for a way to assess cross sell and upsell opportunities with common customers after their merger. With a focus on business growth, Entrust Datacard also wanted to improve their targeting, prospecting and segmentation to ultimately move the highest quality leads to their sales teams in an automated way.

They also wanted to improve their marketing campaigns and automate their lead generation processes to maximize their lead effectiveness from the import of leads through segmentation and close. To ensure they could effectively message key customer audiences with marketing, they needed to better understand their target markets and the leads they had.

With their existing audience targeting efforts, they found that their Director-level decision maker was too broad a category to effectively give the same message. As a result, they were working to better identify leads received on business cards by appending Dun & Bradstreet basic firmagraphic data on the company such as number of employees, etc. in order to deliver more concise and targeted messaging to these “hot” prospects.

The Solution: Connect Their Marketing Automation Tool to Their CRM to Facilitate Action by Sales

Entrust Datacard was looking for a direct integration to their Eloqua Marketing Automation tool. They leveraged Dun & Bradstreet’s Cloud Connector through D&B Direct for Eloqua with cleanse, match and append and full global access to company profile, corporate family linkage and number of employees. They are using D&B Direct API behind the lead form to allow prospects to self-identify and to achieve higher-quality and more complete data without requiring the user to fill out a long form. Coupled with a nightly data append and a confidence score on the data, Entrust Datacard is able to segment against a stronger database of contacts.

How It Works

Using D&B Direct for Eloqua allowed Entrust Datacard to create campaigns and push more qualified leads to their Salesforce.com application to facilitate immediate action by sales. With help from Dun & Bradstreet, what was initially a batch database exporting process requiring a manual turnaround is now done on a daily basis with real-time capabilities including lead scoring in SFDC so they now have:

  • A faster turnaround time on the data appending process
  • Greater insight on new leads to filter on size of company and revenue
  • Better quality leads by a large magnitude

As a result, Entrust Datacard has advanced their marketing approaches and messaging development. The group that receives inbound emails can focus more on other opportunities since the appropriate data is already appended. With more precise titles and insight, they are no longer flooding the same contacts with messaging and burning them out. They have looked much harder at close rates on leads and understand the direct correlation of quality leads and leads that close.

When it comes to leveraging social media, they are developing their own content marketing strategy, identifying personas and tweaking their value propositions and creating more blogs and videos.

Results & ROI

Entrust Datacard’s marketing team is now seeing a quicker routing of leads to sales, and more inbound leads. If you look at conversion at every stage of the funnel, our close rates are better than average. We’ve had ebbs and flows on the quantity of leads, but we are now doing more value messaging and we’ve increased the ratio of sales qualified leads and marketing is driving inbound leads.

Dun & Bradstreet has helped us to better assess our marketing effectiveness and with higher quality data, we can spend more time developing the right messages. Our entire process has been positively impacted by the improved data.

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