Data Quality: The Key to How Marketers Build & Sustain Customer Relationships

Marketers enjoy potential opportunities from data like never before. To fully understand their prospects and customers, marketers need to broaden and deepen the information they rely on to grow their most important relationships. But, in the age of Big Data, there is more information available than can be easily managed.

Marketers must cope with obtaining meaningful data and drawing insights from a growing range of sources, maintaining and updating data as it decays, and using data across business domains, systems and applications.

Looking at these challenges, it’s easy to see why CMOs feel underprepared to deal with the data explosion. CRM tools that help manage customer relationships help direct a marketer’s focus and create efficiencies, but without quality data, a CRM’s potential benefits cannot be fully realized. In turn, the customer relationship suffers.

View this webinar for a look at the three key issues marketers face with data today and a strategy for meeting that challenge using a new way of looking at data. Here’s a strategy to drive decisions, increase technology ROI, and build your most important customer relationships.

Data Quality: The Key to How Marketers Build & Sustain Customer Relationships

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