The Data Strategy Blueprint Series: Territory Management

This blog covers highlights from the second eBook in The Data Strategy Blueprint Series: Territory Management, created in collaboration with our partner Salesforce |

In our first blog and eBook, we talked about the importance of establishing a structurally sound data quality foundation that sets the stage for growth through customer and prospect insights.


Territory management is a critical component of a successful sales strategy.

Incomplete data, sales team distrust of the quantity and quality of accounts in their territories, lack of ongoing governance over your data, and the territory management model itself, can put cracks in your foundation.

Without a well-informed territory management approach, you risk:

  • Missed revenue opportunities
  • Low customer satisfaction
  • Sub-optimal market coverage
  • Inefficient use of valuable resources
  • Disenchanted sales people with misallocated territories who miss their goals

(Employee turnover is expensive)

Like drawing the floor plan and allocating square footage, effectively mobilizing your sales resources hinges on a territory management plan that carefully considers your customer account profiles, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and your current business footprint in tandem with goals for future expansion.

The data strategy blueprint for territory management includes:

  1. Segmentation Must Haves - Carve out informed segments just for your business 

  2. Size Does Matter - See the full scope of each customer relationship 

  3. 4-Corner Engagement 
- Delight customers using teams, tools, data and process 

The Data Strategy Blueprint Series: Territory Management

Learn how, done right, a data-inspired territory management floor plan will fill your company’s “house” with loyal customers, efficient and motivated sales people and a funnel for profitable growth.

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