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Regulatory Agency Reduces Costs and Increases Facility Inspections

Regulatory Agency Drives Efficiency and Reduced Costs While Increasing the Number of Completed Facility Inspections

This large regulatory agency sets standards for private sector businesses and oversees the enforcement of these rules. Conducting approximately 40,000 facility inspections annually, this agency maintains data on millions of businesses. To carry out its mission, this organization must have access to detailed, accurate information on the facilities that fall under their regulatory scope.

The Challenge:

Unreliable data led to inspection inefficiency and wasted resources

Independently managing its own data collection, storage, and analysis processes, the agency maintained large amounts of business information. However, when profiling regulated entities, the agency’s proprietary and third party data proved unreliable due to poor data quality.

At a time marked by intensified budgetary constraints, the issue was compounded by inefficient resource allocation. Relying on existing data, inspectors were frequently sent to incorrect addresses, home businesses, or to locations of inactive companies. The net result was a misallocation of resources and overall operational inefficiency as costs continued to rise.

The Solution:

Enriched data fuels reliable “watch lists” and program effectiveness

Determined to bring operational excellence and efficacy to the facility inspection process, the agency aimed to repair its database to enable accurate profiling of regulatory entities and define inspection priorities. The first step was to integrate Dun & Bradstreet’s data to build a database of active companies and map agency data to the D-U-N-S® Number unique identifier.

The data, now validated and enriched, was leveraged to develop “watch lists” of businesses with physical locations that are priority inspection targets. Regulatory inspectors now possessed the information they needed to plan and conduct effective inspections in a timely manner.

Results and ROI:

Increased program efficiency and maximized taxpayer value

Beyond enriching its data lifecycle with Dun & Bradstreet’s data, the agency has achieved substantial program success and net efficiency gains. Inspectors are no longer wasting time and money visiting ineligible sites – resulting in significant cost and resource savings.

By completing more inspections per taxpayer dollar, the agency can now afford to focus on the future. By deploying master data management best practices, the agency is able to reliably monitor, evaluate, and optimize program performance – enabling continuous improvement while improving oversight capabilities.

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