D&B Credit Delivers for Lean Credit Team

Industrial supplier turns to the newly released next-generation platform to make efficient, effective, global decisions

Two key dynamics were front and center as a longtime Dun & Bradstreet customer contemplated a switch to D&B Credit as its new risk intelligence platform.

First, this leading U.S.-based supplier of fiber optic wiring and solutions has only two people making credit decisions – so they needed the most reliable data insight most efficiently and cleanly presented. And second, with operations across North America, Europe and Australia, that insight needed to be truly global.

It didn’t take them long to realize D&B Credit was the right answer on both counts. They implemented this new platform after a brief test drive, and here’s what they’ve been able to do with it.

FAST ANSWERS “It’s a very easy tool to use.” 

Even though they’re only a two-person team, the accounts receivable manager prides himself on the ability to turn around a credit review the same day he gets the request. “Being efficient is of the utmost importance to us,” he says. He likes the way D&B Credit displays “a ton of information” about a potential customers – financials, failure scores, delinquency scores and more – in a modern, user-friendly user experience. The platform also lets him segment the company’s customer portfolio based on risk profiles and other factors, then they can set custom alerts based on those profiles. “D&B Credit is much better at this,” he says. “It gives you so much flexibility with how you receive alerts and how you keep tabs on those higher-risk customers.”

GLOBAL VISIBILITY “The amount of information on international customers is far superior.”

The manager and his colleague make decisions as quickly as possible – even about customers from outside the U.S. They need as much confidence in the information on a company around the world as they do about a company around the corner. They have it with D&B Credit. “It’s the one tool that provides the most information for international customers at this point,” the manager says. “Being able to just log into D&B and pull up that information, almost the same information that you would get on domestic customers, that same level of information is very valuable.”

“I need to make sure I’m minimizing risk as much as I can while also letting us sell to new and existing customers,” the manager says. By letting him make these calls quickly and globally, he has more time to set up accounts, enter orders and speed up cash flow in other ways. “We want to allow our business to grow as fast as it can,”

The accounts receivable team at this company might be small, but they believe they have a large impact on the firm’s success.

D&B Credit is their new tool for making that happen. See what it can do for you. Go to http://www.dnb.com/products/finance-credit-risk/dnb-credit.html to learn more.



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