For FarmLead, Dun & Bradstreet Data Feeds Global Relationships

Working with Dun & Bradstreet credit data and solutions, FarmLead helps grain buyers and growers connect and transact confidently is a risk-free, transparent online and mobile grain marketplace that lets grain buyers and sellers of any size list deals, negotiate directly with one another, and finalize grain trade connections from anywhere in the world and at any time. Named to the list of Canada’s top 15 Hottest Tech Startups by Metabridge, delivers a larger pool of grain buyers to their registered farmers. Grain producers that participate in the online marketplace are then able to more competitively price their product and sell it to the most qualified buyers for the best price.

The Challenge

Grain buyers large and small are all over the world, and FarmLead lets them connect directly with grain producers in North America. As a result, they can trade with greater assurance and higher profitability. Bringing farmers a bigger pool of buyers to deal with empowers them to be better sellers and increases the chance that they can find a better deal based on the increased number of potential trading partners. Through more options and better negotiations, it all adds up to higher quality trades and farmers being more profitable with their grain sales through the FarmLead Marketplace. Since FarmLead verifies the creditworthiness of the buyers on their easy-to-use system, they’re helping ensure the sellers will get paid on the transactions.

FarmLead uses Dun & Bradstreet’s DNBi Credit Risk Management solution to ensure transparency on the more than $20 million in trade transactions.

How It Works

FarmLead uses Dun & Bradstreet’s DNBi Credit Risk Management solution to ensure transparency on the more than $20 million in trade transactions that ran through their online marketplace last year at They use a proactive approach to verify that grain buyers are creditworthy. They plug the buyer’s information into an equation and algorithm they’ve created to protect their producers and ensure they will get paid on the transaction. It’s a consistent risk management approach that is proactive vs. reactive, where everyone gets painted with the same “quantitative” brush.


Using Twitter to Share Alert Insights

For FarmLead, Dun & Bradstreet Data Feeds Global Relationships

FarmLead helps grain sellers stay on top of risk and the volatility in the grain marketplace with regular tweets on changes in the risk rating of buyers. Dun & Bradstreet Alerts help stay informed of changes that could impact the viability of buyers that farmers are dealing with, and accordingly, the sale of grain commodities.

In the Agricultural commodities exchange marketplace, transparency is king. We’re proud of the fact that we help grain producers get the most competitive prices on their grain by connecting them with well-qualified buyers around the world. Our solution is all about making the best deal while proactively managing risk.
Brennan Turner, President, Farmlead

Results & ROI

With an average deal worth roughly $75,000, FarmLead is helping farmers find an average of about $5,000 on each trade – usually 5-7% above what anyone else is offering them. With a global marketplace and more flexible online and mobile app-based negotiations, deals are closing whenever and wherever a person may be in the world. FarmLead also brings additional security to their award-winning platform with a user-based rating system, putting full transparency in the hands of the buyers and sellers.



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