Alpro Mitigates Risks with Portfolio Manager

Alpro is the European pioneer and market leader in the creation of food products and drinks made with soy and other plant-based ingredients. Alpro has devoted itself to making products in a healthy, sustainable way for more than 30 years. Products that are not just delicious, but that also retain the unique nutritional value of soy beans.

Alpro has production operations in four European countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom) and has four sales offices. Its headquarters are located in Ghent. Alpro employs more than 800 people in Europe and has an extensive distribution network.

The Challenge

One of the main priorities of the credit control team is to gain an insight into the financial health of our clients. In the past, this insight was based on reports we requested from Dun and Bradstreet on an ad hoc basis. This provided us with valuable information; but not on an ongoing basis. We were looking for an efficient and structured way of monitoring the situation on a daily basis.

The Solution

We decided on Dun & Bradstreet’s Portfolio Manager. This online analysis program merges the information about money outstanding from clients with information in the Dun and Bradstreet database. It then analyses the results. This provides a clear overview of the status of our portfolio of clients at any point in time.

With Portfolio Manager, companies are able to gain insight into the risk allocation within their portfolio and they can easily identify the most high-risk clients in the blink of an eye. The tool exposes the total risks within the company structure and estimates the commercial risk for the following 12 months which is especially helpful for creating management reports.

How it Works

Although, we use Portfolio Manager several times a year for our reporting, the major value we find is in using the tool on a day-to-day basis. We can:

  • Monitor our clients more efficiently
  • Decide on the actions we need to take. For example:
    • Which clients need to be sent reminders immediately?
    • Should we block certain deliveries?
    • Should we extend special payment deadlines?

These are the concrete questions that the credit control team can now answer thanks to the Portfolio Manager. The program even provides credit limit recommendations and monitors any changes identified in the situation of clients, sending us a notification so we can react immediately and take the necessary measures to avoid any damage.

We have total confidence in the partnership we have had for years with Dun & Bradstreet. And they have proved -- yet again -- that they truly earned our confidence. When setting up the Portfolio Manager, their team offered us the support we needed to link our client database to the theirs, which was a big task.
Elke Segers, Commercial Accounting & Controlling Manager, Alpro Soya

Results and ROI

“We were looking for an efficient tool to support the day-to-day operations of the credit control team, and that is precisely what the Portfolio Manager offers us,” said Elke Segers. “Thanks to the efficient structure of the dashboard, we have a permanent and complete overview of all the parameters that we need. D&B adapted the structure of our own database (by internal sales organization, type of client and country), which makes it additionally handy. The alerts that we receive when there are changes in the situation of a certain client save us time and offer us the guarantee that we do not overlook important information. With exceptional cases we like to have additional information so that we can analyze this in greater depth. In such instances, we ask D&B for a complete one-off companyinformation report. We always do that by the way whenever new clients come on board,” concluded Elke Segers.

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