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Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple, Inc

Sales personnel are rewarded with commissions, and so push to extend easy credit to maximize sales and commissions. In contrast, credit personnel are not rewarded for sales, but they may be reprimanded for lax credit standards; and therefore apply credit rules cautiously to minimize bad debt, slow pay, and other risks. Such circumstances tend to promote tension and conflict rather than cooperation between credit and sales departments. A lack of integration among their information systems, databases, and processes further hinders information sharing.


  • Wow  PERHAPS TD is not such a genious, but flawed like all 'humans"!
  • In truth, credit and sales departments share many important goals. Both want their company to increase its revenue and profits. Both want consistent and predictable credit policies guided by real insight into customer behavior.
  • Each brings to the table unique customer knowledge that can help the other succeed, particularly when their data is combined in rigorous, ongoing analysis of the customer lifecycle. The challenge is overcoming traditional obstacles to cooperation.
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Dun & Bradstreet has identified 192,128 potentially impacted businesses located within the following parishes:

  • 5,540 in Acadia
  • 10,537 in Ascension
  • 4,401 in Avoyelles
  • 51,792 in East Baton Rouge
  • 1,563 in East Feliciana
  • 2,694 in Evangeline
  • 6,968 in Iberia
  • 2,702 in Iberville
  • 3,051 in Jefferson Davis
  • 28,948 in Lafayette
  • 9,886 in Livingston
  • 1,779 in Pointe Coupee
  • 469 in St. Helena
  • 7,671 in St. Landry
  • 3,767 in St. Martin
  • 29,025 in St. Tammany
  • 11,735 in Tangipahoa
  • 5,176 in Vermilion
  • 3,664 in Washington
  • 760 in West Feliciana

If you’ve found yourself sweating in a smoky billiard room, wondering about what role customer data should play in finance—as well as in your company’s long-term strategy—this eBook will help you hone your pool shark skills.

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This eBook will help you navigate the crowded billiard room of customer data and how you can use it to drive cross-functional value for your team.

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