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DNBi - D&B’s premier risk management solution — gives you unparalleled insight into your customer base to help you quickly analyze, evaluate and manage business credit. Get instant online access to the most accurate, up-to-date business information available today!

Your Trusted Source for Business Information and Deep Insight

Get reliable credit information on your customers now. Gain access to business credit reports, insight and more.

See how DNBi can help you:

Reduce Sales Risk

Work more efficiently at every stage of the credit process to minimize risk. DNBi helps you improve speed and consistency with evaluating credit applications, monitoring critical accounts, automating decisions and manage your portfolio's collections.

Protect Cash Flow

Leverage DNBi's exclusive predictive scores, and deep insight into recent and historical payment experiences to make more informed decisions. Interact with the world’s largest credit professional user base and take advantage of the best external information sources.

Get started today and download, ‘Essentials for Strategically Managing Credit in Any Environment’.

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