CMO Rishi Dave on the New Art of the Marketer

How You Can Create Data-Inspired Growth

GROWTH - The Goal of Every Marketing Team
RELATIONSHIPS - The Key to Delivering It
DATA - The Platform for Igniting It

In this exclusive webinar, Dun & Bradstreet’s CMO explores how maximizing data enhances your company’s most fundamental differentiator – the quality and volume of your relationships. Learn more about the ways data lets you master customer experience and experience growth by checking out the webinar slides in the individual sections below.

Part 1

Growth, Relationships and Data

Making the most critical connections in modern marketing.

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Learn more here about creating a new dialogue for the big data era

Part 2

Build a Relationship Platform

The steps to activating your data across the customer lifecycle.

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What's a relationship platform? Learn here.

Part 3

Case Studies and Strategy

Who is using data to effectively manage relationships - and what are the strategic and cultural keys to it?

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Learn from marketing leaders driving growth: Autodesk, Pitney Bowes, Adaptive Insights

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