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Shift the Fraud Paradigm from Detection to Prevention

Protect the government and taxpayer from fraud, waste and abuse through verification, authentication and risk assessment. Dun & Bradstreet helps agencies to implement a disciplined approach to upfront vetting and due diligence for businesses and individuals that can be applied to reduce or prevent contractor fraud, loan or grant fraud and/or Medicare and Medicaid improper payments.

Shift the Fraud Paradigm from Detection to Prevention


  • Know your business partner through upfront authentication
  • Perform responsibility determinations or vendor verifications to evaluate suppliers
  • Leverage a customizable, rules-based methodology for healthcare provider screening
  • Reduce improper payments to vendors, taxpayers and other providers
  • Identify red flags to prevent misrepresentation and potentially fraudulent behavior

Rules-Based Risk Methodology Prevents Fraud

Adopt the Five Cs of Fraud Prevention

Use Dun & Bradstreet’s best practice framework – the Five Cs of Fraud Prevention – to begin to define your agency requirements, risk tolerance and inputs into the risk model.

  • Confirmation – Does an entity or person truly exist?
  • Condition – Is the business and/or its executives active?
  • Consistency – Are stated facts consistent with other sources of information?
  • Character – Are there any past issues that could impose risks on the current or future transaction?
  • Continuity – Has the current operational status changed and is it posing new risks?

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