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Enable Greater Collaboration Across Agencies and Governments

Leverage shared data that is mutually beneficial to participating agencies to drive consistency in your decision-making. The safety of a global supply chain has become a shared priority among government organizations around the world. The sharing of data within a global trade ecosystem provides the most effective means of facilitating global trade.

Enable Greater Collaboration across Agencies and Governments


  • Ownership of the data is no longer as significant as the value of the data
  • Improved transparency benefits that protect citizens and facilitate safe trade
  • Greater trust among participating agencies reduces redundancy in data collection
  • Verification and inspection offers an efficient way to expand transparency into supply chains

Trusted Trader Program Expedites Global Trade

Make Data Sharing Possible – Globally

Enable the efficient and accurate exchange of the participant data on which MRA arrangements and AEO programs depend. Consistent and accurate data – synthesized into actionable information – is the cornerstone of trade facilitation and supply chain security and relies on three services:

  • Business identification and validation
  • Information sharing among Trusted Trader Programs
  • Crosswalk to an international registry of Trusted Trader information

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