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Enabling Good Government

Improve government operations to drive measurable accountability on programs and transparency for U.S. citizens with Dun & Bradstreet insight and methodologies. Empower every American with the ability to hold the government accountable for each spending decision to reduce wasteful spending in the government. Dun & Bradstreet enables the transparency of federal awards on USASpending by utilizing our D-U-N-S Number and corporate linkage capabilities.

Enabling Good Government


  • Know all contractors and grantees conducting business with the Government – across the federal procurement and payment systems
  • Monitor business change associated with those contractors and grantees
  • View all federal spending in accordance with FFATA
  • Ensure a company's corporate linkage is made available to the American public
  • Understand recipients receiving funds from the stimulus program in accordance with ARRA

Dashboards Display Risk at a Glance

Assess Risk Quickly

Gain detailed perspective of each entity’s risk profile and/or “drill down” views of potential risk areas. Dun & Bradstreet’s predictive scores can place red flags in their proper context and accurately assess the likely risk based on a number of variables, such as financial or operational risks. Automated alerts inform you of significant changes like when a contractor moves into the agency’s high-risk category.

We approach each customer engagement in consultative, collaborative way. Every engagement begins with understanding the agency’s requirements and risk tolerance. Then web-enabled dashboards are designed to meet the pre-determined output needs:

  • Input / Validation Layer – what entities should be included in our universe and what data do we need to validate them?
  • Interpretation Layer – what does Dun & Bradstreet know about your universe and what does it mean?
  • Presentation Layer – how do we want to consume the risk information?

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