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This organization offers funding and strategic support to private sector businesses in economically developing nations. Their efforts are focused on driving the local economy and trade functions, ultimately creating a better quality of life for the country’s residents. Accountable for making decisions that are capable of reducing poverty, building communities and enhancing lives, this institution sought to ensure accuracy within their decision-making processes.

The Challenge:

Shift to corporate finance required entity data point expansion

In 2012 this financial institution experienced a fundamental shift from project to corporate finance. This meant that company validation became increasingly vital.

Entity validation required a reliable, robust data source. However, all ten of the organization’s legacy data management systems were siloed, housing a plethora of unstandardized, duplicate and inaccurate records.

This meant that data was plentiful, but lacked a single source of truth. The organization had increasing difficulty making decisions because of their inability to authenticate applicants and accurately assess their financial standing.

The Solution:

Automated data cleansing & real-time verification of applicants

Dun & Bradstreet provided third party data validation and enrichment solutions. With the integration of D&B Direct web services into the organization’s Informatica platform, D&B facilitated automated cleansing and matching of entity records to a unique identifier.

In order to maintain the highest level of data quality, it is critical to address non-resolved entities as they are discovered. In these cases, Dun & Bradstreet conducts manual, custom investigations to ensure confident entity resolution.

The solution was rounded out with the integration of Dun & Bradstreet’s API services into the organization’s entity management system, enabling real-time applicant verification through an online portal.

The Results and ROI:

Reliable, precise and consistent entity resolution process

In partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, this institution consolidated their ten legacy systems into one. They matched, cleansed and enriched their data bank while optimizing the data retrieval process to be timely, accurate and standardized.

System consolidation resulted in reduced operating costs and increased the quality of investment oversight. The holistic view of applicants ensured that funds were utilized in compliance with institution regulations.

Dun & Bradstreet helps this global institution deliver on its important mission by establishing confidence in the critical process for entity resolution.