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Know your Business
Partners Better

Identify and authenticate entities conducting business with your agency to ensure they are who they say they are in order to protect the government and taxpayer. Better upfront diligence on your contractors, loan applicants, grantees and regulated businesses increases accountability, and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in your registration management system.

Know your Business Partners Better


  • Streamline your registration portals
  • Verify and authenticate the identity of entities
  • Improve risk scoring with predictive modeling
  • Accelerate investigations and monitoring of business entities
  • Ensure compliance with annual registrations

Seven Steps to Data Integrity and Reduced Fraud

Verify and Authenticate Entities

Manage your registration process better with a sequential, seven-step process. Authenticate business registrants and continuously update and maintain your portfolio of high-quality registrants or licensees. Ensure your data integrity and reduce fraud by:

  1. Identification – Assign each new business a D-U-N-S Number, enabling you to continually track a business
  2. Support – Set up a call center or web portal to handle entities that cannot be identified
  3. Verification – Verify all entities through an external authoritative data source
  4. Authentication – Authenticate the business entity through a process of validation with third party quality data
  5. Resolution – Resolve any questions or discrepancies with supplemental documentation or investigations
  6. Monitoring – Monitor all entities for significant events or changes over time
  7. Oversight – Enable risk management, transparency and reporting through ongoing portfolio analysis, such as modeling and dashboards

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