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Identify the Tax Gap and Capture Lost Revenue

Globally, government spending continues to rise just as deficits continue to grow, prompting tax administrations, such as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, to cut budgets. The result is a substantially reduced workforce which proportionately reduces the amount of resources dedicated to audits and collections.

Meanwhile, the market-disrupting forces of globalization continue to complicate audits, enforcement, and compliance—with non-compliance loading billions of dollars into massive tax gaps - amounting to £34 billion in the U.K. and over $450 billion in the U.S.

Identify the Tax Gap and Capture Lost Revenue


  • Prioritize collections and audits based on non-complying, high revenue businesses
  • Improve collection outcomes with optimized data, enriched with business insights
  • Mitigate tax fraud with multi-layered fraud detection and prevention
  • Verify self-reported tax information with third-party data
  • Understand the relationships between individuals and business entities

The Value of Data-Inspired Government

Agencies that transform into a data-inspired organization can drive efficiency and transparency across the government. To effectively leverage data as a strategic asset, you need data that is collected, organized, and used consistently across the organization—and analytics that can harness the power of the data into actionable insights that solve mission critical problems.