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Uncover hidden relationships among businesses & individuals – and known & unknown threats

As the threat landscape evolves, it is more challenging than ever to identify known and unknown security threats. Analysts require access to up-to-date information that can accelerate threat assessments and expedite their investigations. Dun & Bradstreet helps agencies uncover the connections among businesses and individuals threatening national security or committing criminal actions.

Combat Criminal Acts That Threaten National Security


  • Counter proliferation of sensitive and dangerous materials, technology, and weapons
  • Follow the money trail to counter threat finance
  • Anticipate, prevent, and respond to criminal activities through predictive policing & intelligence
  • Identify potentially illicit shell companies
  • Leverage non-attributable open source data
  • Enrich intelligence with geo-coded entity data

The Value of Data-Inspired Government

Agencies that transform into a data-inspired organization can drive efficiency and transparency across the government. To effectively leverage data as a strategic asset, you need data that is collected, organized, and used consistently across the organization—and analytics that can harness the power of the data into actionable insights that solve mission critical problems.