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Protect the border while facilitating legitimate commerce

Threats to national security are varied and ever-evolving, requiring federal border agencies to be just as dynamic and better-prepared than the individuals and materials that may harm national interests. Dun & Bradstreet helps agencies uncover relationships among entities and individuals that attempt to threaten national security or bypass lawful means for moving resources, goods, and individuals across the domestic border—while facilitating legitimate commerce.

Protect our Nation from Known and Unknown Threats


  • Reliable importer and exporter verification
  • Ensure global supply chain safety and mitigate disruptions
  • Targeted investigations to plug cargo security loopholes
  • Multi-layered plans for unexpected disasters and crises
  • Reduce immigration risks with rule-based risk analysis and automated processes

The Value of Data-Inspired Government

Agencies that transform into a data-inspired organization can drive efficiency and transparency across the government. To effectively leverage data as a strategic asset, you need data that is collected, organized, and used consistently across the organization—and analytics that can harness the power of the data into actionable insights that solve mission critical problems.