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Protect the global supply chain while creating trade

Amid frequent updates to trade agreements and regulations, and with global flows of goods projected to grow in 2017, customs agencies are expected to swiftly and efficiently modernize operating procedures to facilitate legitimate trade and advance business growth while maintaining a heightened state of security.

These modern realities highlight the importance of high quality data and analytics as a critical factor for mission success. As public sector agencies leverage a set of standards – specifically around the use of a unique entity identifier – they enable greater connectivity with other agencies and trading partners, enabling smooth international commerce and confident risk management.

Ensure Global Supply Chain Safety


  • Achieve greater collaboration with the global trade community through data sharing
  • Adopt intelligence-driven risk management
  • Accelerate and support sustainable economic development
  • Maintain global competitiveness amid changing business and market dynamics

The Value of Data-Inspired Government

Agencies that transform into a data-inspired organization can drive efficiency and transparency across the government. To effectively leverage data as a strategic asset, you need data that is collected, organized, and used consistently across the organization—and analytics that can harness the power of the data into actionable insights that solve mission critical problems.