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Who we are

Dun & Bradstreet enables better government by uncovering truth and meaning from data.

For 90 years, we have adapted our proprietary data and analytics into high-impact public sector solutions – delivering maximum taxpayer value. Dun & Bradstreet enables better outcomes for government organizations across the globe, partnering with a wide variety of federal, state, and provincial agencies including all 15 U.S. Cabinet- level departments, the European Commission, and the United Nations – as well as nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

From the largest federal agencies to the smallest state and provincial jurisdictions, Dun & Bradstreet works with agencies in every facet of government—providing timely and critical information to support national security, improve operations, drive economic growth, and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse.

Your Misson

Every agency is unique. For our government team this means that one day we’re building predictive models to detect hazardous chemicals at the border, and the next day we’re helping a local revenue department close the tax gap to generate a revenue surplus.

We are passionate about enabling government agencies to achieve better mission outcomes. For 90 years we have partnered with federal, state, local, and provincial organizations to co-develop innovative solutions that fulfill mission objectives while driving efficiency and transparency

Our Data

We have the largest commercial database in the world, with more than 265 million company records. Data is collected from more than 30,000 sources globally. This data is transformed into insight through our patented DUNSRight™ Quality Process. Our experienced staff of industry-specific business analysts, government specialists, and data experts integrate your own organization’s data with ours – resulting in unique, unbiased insights you can apply to your unique mission objectives

Our Analytics

Analytics brings data to life – enabling agencies to derive rich, actionable insight that drives better mission outcomes. Our analytics solutions apply the latest statistical and computational techniques to provide agencies with multi-dimensional analytic models and scores, and access to dashboards that deliver the information needed to make mission-critical decisions.