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What's a D‑U‑N‑S Number?The D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses. It is used to establish a business credit file, which is often referenced by lenders and potential business partners to help predict the reliability and/or financial stability of the company in question. D-U-N-S, which stands for data universal number system, is used to and maintain accurate and timely information on +280M global businesses.

Other Companies’ D-U-N-S Numbers

Manage Cash Flow

Many businesses face overwhelming cash flow problems. Accessing another company’s business credit file using the D-U-N-S Number can help you make decisions on how to manage your business’s cash. Learn more about managing cash flow

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Prevent Bad Debt

It can be difficult to resolve existing bad debt, but you can try to prevent it. Using the D-U-N-S Number to access another company’s business credit file, can help you avoid risky situations and unpaid invoices. Learn more about managing bad debt

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* CreditSignal only indicates that your D&B scores and ratings have changed and alerts you when your business credit file has been purchased. To view actual scores and ratings and learn about what industries are purchasing your D&B file, we recommend that you upgrade to one of our business credit monitoring or credit building solutions. Please note, due to the proprietary nature of these inquiries and inquiry requests, only the industries in which the purchasing customers reside will be revealed.

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