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Supply Management Solutions Activate data and analytics to control supply chain risk and avoid the consequences of disruption
Growing Supplier Relationships With DataSupply chain management leaders rely on thousands of suppliers and deep, reliable data insights to meet customer expectations in efficient, profitable ways. Increased regulation, new levels of transparency driven by social media and increased pressure to be part of the strategy to grow the business have further motivated supply chain professionals like you to build strong strategic partnerships internally and externally.

The Right Suppliers Let Your Company Deliver

Leading supply chain teams have expanded their focus from preventing disruption to also protecting brand equity. Proactively and systematically identifying and assessing suppliers provides detailed supply chain information at all levels of their supply base. The use of advanced analytics on this information brings increased visibility and enables smarter, more strategic decisions.


Not only have we been able to dramatically increase the accuracy and efficiency of our onboarding process, the fact that D&B knows our business so well means we don't have to "struggle" any more.
Head of Financial Crime, Specialist Global Bank
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