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Master Data
D&B Direct for MarketingConnect your marketing platforms to valuable customer insights through the power of Data-as-a-Service
Real-time data, real-time results
D&B Direct is a modern API that delivers valuable customer insights into the marketing applications where you need them most – marketing automation, CRM and more. The D&B Direct API gives you on-demand access to the company, people, and industry intelligence you need to identify the best prospects, build relationships and make every customer interaction count.
Maintain a single source of truth on customers and prospects by collecting, cleansing and de-duping data in real time.
Enrich leads with contacts, firmographics, corporate hierarchies and analytics for precise targeting & segmentation
Increase conversion of web visitors into leads by shortening your lead forms and identifying anonymous visitors
Monitor critical changes to customers and prospects in real-time, seizing lead generation opportunities
Get started quickly with plug-and-play connectors for Oracle Eloqua and Marketo systems
Programmable API allows you to automate updates to data based on your unique business needs

How It Works

Data-as-a-Service is the next evolution of data-driven marketing. As the complexity of data increases, traditional lists and data files won’t cut it. B2B marketers need the right data at the right time to grow relationships. D&B Direct provides timely insights for every step in the buyer’s journey – whether they’re receiving an e-mail, visiting your site or filling out a form. Targeting becomes easier with robust prospect profiles. Nurture gets better with personalized web content. And closing gets faster with deep understanding of customer needs.
See how data fuels the relationship engine.
We are now light years ahead of where we were with marketing automation. Our relationship with Sales is probably the best it has ever been.
Kathy Kauffman, Marketing Automation Manager, Entrust Datacard
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