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Master Data
D&B Data ExchangeAn ever-expanding marketplace of industry-vertical data and insights linked to the D-U-N-S Number
Valuable insights, right where you want them
The D&B Data Exchange is a powerful way to leverage data from Dun & Bradstreet and our trusted partners. Our exclusive process identifies, matches and links data from the exchange, standardizing it to integrate with your existing systems. With easy access to a wealth of data, you can build robust customer profiles efficiently and glean valuable insights to meet your goals.
Access industry specific data sets from multiple providers in one place
Lower costs and increase efficiency with the process-reducing power of pre-linked data
Easily integrate new data sets into your existing
D-U-N-S Numbered data
Gain superior insight and enable decision-making to drive growth
Combine business, behavioral and social data to increase lead conversion
Identify new growth opportunities across multiple industries

How It Works

We search relentlessly to find the best data partners to not only complement Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive database, but who also meet the high quality standards that customers expect. We seamlessly integrate partner data with our own data to create a single view of the entity brought together by the D-U-N-S™ Numbers. The result is a comprehensive view of the entities you’re interested in, through a single source.

Featured Partners
When we brought in Dun & Bradstreet, they educated us, they brought us up to speed on exactly how to leverage their solutions.
Greg McLaughlin, CRM Director, Neopost
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