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Financial Stress ScoreHelping you to Decide with Confidence

We provide Scores and Ratings to help our customers identify organizations that are likely to fail or pay late, or will want to purchase their goods and services. This helps our customers drive growth and increase profitability by:

  • Allowing automated decisions for increased efficiency, which will free up valuable resources to focus on more important decisions

  • Enabling more consistent decisions across the entire organization

  • Applying scores across an entire portfolio to quickly identify risk and opportunity

  • Allowing faster processing of large volumes of transactions

Financial Stress Score – Identify Risk and Opportunities

Our Canadian D&B Financial Stress Score, also known in some markets as the D&B Failure Score predicts the likelihood that a business will seek legal relief from its creditors, cease business operations without paying all its creditors in full, voluntarily withdraw from business operations and leave unpaid obligations, go into receivership or reorganization, or make an arrangement for the benefit of creditors over the next 12 month period, based on the information in D&B’s files.

The Financial Stress Score makes risks visible, allowing our customers to reduce their bad debt and identify profitable opportunities.

Transforming Information into Insight

The Financial Stress Scoring System uses statistical probabilities to calculate the Financial Stress Score for public and private companies in D&B’s Canadian database. The Score calculation is based on the chance of a business experiencing the above definition of “negative” performance over the next 12 month period. The Financial Stress Scoring models utilize the combined power of D&B’s vast information database of approximately 1,100,000 million active Canadian businesses including payment, public filing, demographic, and financial information when available.

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