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The D&B Canada Viability Rating™D&B’s most comprehensive assessment of current and future health of a business

Analyze the current and future health of a business

With thousands of businesses closing their doors every day, it can be difficult to navigate a rocky economic landscape. So when customers, prospects, and business partners face serious challenges, you need to know. D&B has created an innovative assessment tool that provides precise insight into the health of companies with whom they do business.

The D&B Canada Viability Rating is an evaluation tool that offers a comprehensive assessment of whether or not to do business with a company. Only the D&B Canada Viability Rating combines the most comprehensive measures of risk to deliver a highly reliable rating analyzing the current and future health of a business.

Complex information in a single profile

The D&B Canada Viability Rating enables customers to get a comprehensive snapshot view of a business in an increasingly complex world. It incorporates the most critical information related to your decision of whether or not to engage with a company.

Other scores answer only one-dimensional business problems or questions like “Will I get paid?” or “How can I reduce bankruptcy losses?” D&B Canada’s Viability Rating helps our customer answer fundamental questions with more precision:

  • Is this a viable business?
  • Can I identify growth opportunities with thriving businesses?
  • Do I want to initiate or continue a relationship with this business?
  • Do I have complete confidence in the depth of data driving my decision?
  • Can I increase my objectivity of my risk assessment?
  • Can I customize my decisions based on how much there is to know about a company?

The Viability Score:

Assesses the probability that a company will no longer be in business, within the next 12 months, compared to all Canadian businesses within the D&B database. Going out of business is defined as:

  • Voluntary or involuntary close of business
  • Becoming dormant or inactive
  • Filing for bankruptcy/insolvency

Portfolio Comparison:

Assesses the viability of a company, compared to similar businesses, within the same model segment. The type of data used to classify these segments may include:

  • Trade payments
  • Firmographics and business activity

Data Depth Indicator:

Presents the level of predictive data available on a business that was used to score its viability. Data depth includes how much business intelligence is known about a business based on the availability of predictive information such as:

  • Commercial trading activity
  • Firmographic data

Company Profile:

Examines how established a company is based on a combination of categories including financial data, trade payments, and demographics on the different categories within the profile include:

  • Trade payments
  • Years in business
  • Company size (number of employees or sales)
  • Financial attributes

Cutting-edge predictions you can trust

The D&B Canada Viability Rating builds on D&B’s legacy of providing insight to customers, integrating multiple key risk indicators into industry-leading analytics. This multi-dimensional view includes:

Know more about the companies you do businesses with, faster. The unique D&B Canada Viability Rating offers at-a-glance, comprehensive knowledge of customers and prospects, and helps you enhance your risk department’s ability to navigate a challenging economic landscape.

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