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Our Data

Create a trusted view of the companies you do business with, and implement intelligent analytics to deliver growth with best-in-class insights from Dun & Bradstreet.

Using Data to Discover the Value of Interconnected Relationships

For over 175 years, we’ve been passionate about what the power of data can do to help grow companies. 

But data alone is not enough.  

Creating growth is dependent on how you use insights and information to deepen and recognize the opportunities hidden in your relationships with your customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. By identifying the most valuable relationships within your data, you’ll be able to model behaviors and predict smarter outcomes that lead to better results. These decisions will ultimately affect the success – or failure – of your business. That’s why we’ve compiled the most comprehensive and accurate repository of business data on the planet – to help supplement your existing information so you have a more informed understanding of who you’re doing business with.

Uncovering Truth & Meaning From Data


Why Relationship Data?

Understanding the way in which two or more entities are connected is the foundation of relationship data and is at the core of what we do. Working closely with you, we deliver insights that emerge when information about two or more entities are brought together along with their business activities, which can then inform an implied business impact or outcome.

The more you connect and expose entities across your silos, the greater your visibility into the cross-company interactions with customers and suppliers. Your ability to uncover previously hidden associations inside the data provides a catalyst for business transformation and insights. Exposing relationships across product lines, branches and countries creates opportunities to evaluate sales coverage, modify compensation plans, renegotiate terms and conditions, adjust compliance policies, improve customer experiences, build advanced segmentation categories and uncover hidden supply chain risk. 

The deeper you go in connecting the associated entities and the information that aligns to their business practices, the richer the insights we deliver. 

Key Benefits:

  • 360-degree view of every internal and external business touch point
  • Breaks down reliance on data silos
  • Delivers new insight into an entity’s family tree 
  • Deeper visibility into your supply chain
  • Identifies the potential for malfeasance, fraud and risk
  • Enables you to develop more accurate business models

Bringing Relationship Data to Life

A true relationship data platform is created when our proprietary data is combined with your data and integrated into your native workflow systems to optimize the platform for insight discovery.  Then and only then, does relationship data come to life to be used across your organization. 

Our data was specifically architected to seamlessly integrate into any native workflow, business process or application such as Salesforce, Sugar, Oracle, etc., no matter the size or scope. Delivered through flat files or through an API, we empower your company to gain an understanding of the ultimate potential of relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. 

The Relationship Data Cycle

While the Relationship Data Platform is created by combining our data with your data across your native workflows, it starts with the data we collect from over 30,000 business sources.  We’ve developed a closed loop process that involves collecting, cleansing, matching and enriching data, which in turn delivers unmatched scope, flexibility and reliability for our customers.  Within this cycle lies our patented DUNSRight process, which enables us to turn an enormous stream of data into high quality business information. This comprehensive cycle ensures you are accessing the optimal insights needed to successfully match and link data to the appropriate entities for consistency and standardization across the globe.

Click here to learn more about the 5-step Relationship Data Cycle.

Our Data Differentiators

Our ability to identify and connect business relationships is powered by over 30,000 global data sources updated 5 million times per day, including:

  • Credit scores and rating
  • Over 1B trade experiences
  • 3M corporate family trees
  • Banking data
  • Firmographics
  • Social Signals
  • Business registrations

Not only do we aggregate and compile the most accurate and comprehensive repository of business-class data on the planet, we employ a system of techniques and process while leveraging unmatched expertise to turn the data into insights that will help you stand apart.

  • DUNSRight Process: Our proprietary process where we collect, aggregate, edit, and verify data from thousands of sources daily so that our customers can use the information to make profitable decisions for their businesses.
  • Privacy & Compliance: The privacy and security of data is our main concern, and an area of significant, ongoing investment across the company so you can do business with confidence.
  • Breadth/Depth of Data: We draw intelligence from thousands of data sources to deliver unique, unbiased insights you can apply to your growth strategies.
  • Worldwide Partners: We’re constantly exploring partnerships with leading technology providers to deliver our best-in-class data natively into the core platforms at the heart of the modern enterprise.
  • Unrivaled Experience: Our purpose is to grow the most valuable relationships in business by uncovering truth and meaning from data. We are wildly passionate about this purpose, and it has us evolving everything we do.
  • Our Global Customers: 90% of the Fortune 500, and companies of every size around the world, rely on our data, insights and analytics to streamline operations, manage risk, improve targeting, find quality leads, boost customer relationships and – most important of all – grow.

Substantial Benefits for Today’s Data-Inspired Leaders

  • Chief Data Officers get a comprehensive, flexible platform to integrate with tools and cloud-based applications that provide the right information to the right function at the right time. Our customers have seen data integration time improve by up to 30%. Learn more about solutions for CDOs
  • Chief Marketing Officers access a single, unified, end-to-end view of increasingly self-directed prospects. Our customers have increased conversion rates up to 12%, improved campaign performance up to 15% and enhanced targeting effectiveness by up to 30%. Learn more about solutions for CMOs
  • Chief Financial Officers have comprehensive customer intelligence to quickly make the right calls on allocating credit and investing capital. Our customers have been able to reduce outstanding sales timeframe by up to five days. Learn more about solutions for CFOs
  • Chief Procurement Officers develop the optics necessary to anticipate supplier risk, optimize the entire chain and maximize buying power. Our customers have reduced supply chain risk up to 30% and reduced costs of certifying new vendors by up to 15%. Learn more about solutions for CPOs
  • Chief Compliance Officers own a single source of information, analysis and expertise to drive their compliance processes. Our customers can reduce due diligence time by up to 50%. Learn more about solutions for CCOs
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