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Basic Analytic Solutions: Predictors, Scores & Ratings

Proven analytic models developed, validated and maintained to provide the answers you need – across multiple divisions and functions. These solutions are easy to implement and customization is possible.

Tested and proven, our basic predictors, scores and ratings are easy to add to existing workflows to make an immediate impact on the quality of your decisions whether you're in marketing, risk or managing your supply chain. Quick Guide to Canadian Predictive Analytics

Basic Analytic Solutions
The D&B Viability Rating (U.S. and Canada)

The D&B Canada Viability Rating is a risk management tool and a multi-dimensional rating that delivers a highly insightful and reliable assessment of a company's future viability based on both predictive and descriptive components. Predictive components predict the likelihood that a company will go out of business, become inactive, or file for bankruptcy over the next 12 months. The descriptive components provide an indication of the amount of predictive data available to make a reliable risk assessment, as well as insight into the age and size of business. The Viability Rating uses the combined power of D&B's database of information on businesses including business activity signals, detailed commercial payment experiences that capture month-to-month trends, public filing, demographic, and financial information to classify public and private companies into a 1-9 score scale where 1 is the lowest risk and 9 is the highest.

Use to assess business health and viability or find the weak links in your supply chain.

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D&B Paydex Score
Leverages data from D&B's Global Trade Exchange Participants to calculate a dollar weighted average days to pay. Use for Risk knockout.
Canadian D&B Commercial Credit Score
The Canadian D&B Commercial Credit Score predicts the likelihood that a company will pay its bills in a severely delinquent manner (90+ days past term), or seek legal relief from creditors, or cease operations without paying all creditors in full over the next 12 months based on the information in D&B’s files. Severe delinquency is defined as greater than or equal to 10% of total payments are 91+ days slow and prompt payments are less than 90% of total payments.
Canadian D&B Financial Stress Score
The Canadian D&B Financial Stress Score, also known in some markets as the D&B Failure Score predicts the likelihood that a business will seek legal relief from its creditors, cease business operations without paying all its creditors in full, voluntarily withdraw from business operations and leave unpaid obligations, go into receivership or reorganization, or make an arrangement for the benefit of creditors over the next 12 month period, based on the information in D&B’s files.
D&B Global Heat Map
D&B’s Global Heat Map provides a monthly, cross-border assessment of risk of doing business in 132 different countries and regions. Each country rating reflects the risk or opportunity that country-wide factors pose to potential export payments and investment returns. D&B country specialists distill the data through D&B’s global network of reporting offices and database of more than 265 million company records. [Click to visit the latest insight on risk and opportunity in the global business environment.]
D&B Credit Rating
This page provides keys to the most common D&B scores, indices and ratings. If you have any further questions, please call us at (800) 463-6362 or by e-mail at CustomerCareCan@dnb.com.
World Base Archive
A traditional analytic data set of 55 attributes archived monthly over the last 3 years. Provides point-in-time insight at the DUNS-level on triggers, linkage, sales, year started, employee size, SIC and activity level.
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