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Automate Know Your Customer Compliance

Financial institutions must be able to validate that every company they buy from, sell to, or contract with are legitimate and active businesses. With D&B’s USA Patriot Act Solution, you can support your Know Your Customer (KYC) efforts to conform to the requirements of the USA Patriot Act Section 326. Automatically ensure that the companies you work with do not appear on terrorist or sanctioned country lists, including the OFAC.

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Automate Know Your Customer Compliance

Product Highlights

  • Authenticate each company’s identity
  • Evaluate entities with a risk-based approach
  • Screen against terrorist and other government control lists
  • Keep an audit trail of compliance findings

USA PATRIOT Act Solution Keeps You Compliant

Increase the Efficiency and Lower the Cost of Meeting Obligations

Automate your identity confirmation and risk assessments to quickly and effectively reduce your company’s exposure to fraud. D&B data provides you with the intelligence and tools to meet compliance obligations.

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