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Dun & Bradstreet and DocuSignCheck, Identify and Flag Potential Financial and compliances risks across the organization directly within DocuSign for Salesforce


Accelerate the sale - no waiting for credit decisions
Reduce DSO and bad debt
Enhance compliance and demonstrate due diligence across business units within existing workflows

DocuSign for Salesforce with Verify with D&B

The DocuSign for Salesforce App includes Verify with D&B, an economical, non-disruptive risk check that supports pre-contract due diligence. Easily embedded in existing workflows, the app simplifies compliance due diligence by providing visibility into the total risk to business across functional silos and laying the foundation for proactive risk management wherever a transaction takes place.

By using Verify with D&B embedded within the DocuSign for Salesforce App, users can check, identify and flag potential financial and compliance risks across the organization directly within Salesforce. Sales teams, under the guidance of the credit/accounting teams, can participate and proactively manage their and their company’s total risk exposure prior to sending a contract.

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