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As a B2B digital marketer, you know how difficult it is to keep pace with the
ever evolving programmatic advertising industry. You need a trusted data
partner that delivers quality segments within your platform. When you
choose Dun & Bradstreet, you’re choosing the world’s largest, most trusted commercial
database. Improve your results by basing your campaign on accurate,
verified data.


  • Quality - Accurately identify B2B targets based on both attributes and behaviors
  • Scale - Robust audience segments and overlap models to deliver personalized and relevant content to your customers on the right device
  • Facts - Deterministic data (fact based) for the right B2B contacts and attributes
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Dun & Bradstreet's digital audience taxonomy comprises 280+ standard
deterministic data and represents companies and contacts across 250M+


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Get measurable results with
Dun & Bradstreet and our partners
Most digital markers use multiple platforms for programmatic campaigns and using D&B Audience Segments allows you to easily measure results leveraging the same data set as the foundation of your campaign. Shouldn’t your next campaign begin with
Dun & Bradstreet segments?
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