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An Easier Process for Credit Approvals

Dun & Bradstreet can save you time and money.

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See how our insights can drive your business

Risk Management

Apply Data-Inspired Insight to Drive Growth

  • Manage Capital and Risk
    Deliver revenue growth by giving the right credit to the right prospects.
  • Finance and Sales Collaboration
    Help Sales take the fastest path to the best opportunities.
  • Lead Data-Inspired Growth
    Leverage data and analytics throughout the enterprise to drive growth and efficiency.

Customer Spotlight

“Supplier Portfolio Manager was installed without problems. We sent Dun & Bradstreet the details of our suppliers and they did the rest, even providing on-the-job training. We chose a partnership of three years, which has given us all the intended benefits."

Mike Callens
VP Sourcing, Atlas Copco


Turn your marketing into a revenue engine

  • Know your market opportunity
    Analyze and segment your market to maximize campaign ROI.
  • Generate qualified leads
    Model and target prospects that look like your best customers.
  • Master your data management
    Automate processes and integrate all data into a single business record.
  • Improve customer experience
    Deliver the right content to the right person at the right time.
Harness Your Online Interest

Customer Spotlight

"A set of manual processes and disparate sources have effectively been turned into a repeatable process. Although our CRM system could provide some of this information it was just not possible to get such an integrated view"

Beverley Dipper
Head of Market Intelligence, Fujitsu


Empower your sales team to drive growth

  • Pinpoint the best opportunities
    Monitor your accounts for growth opportunities.
  • Connect with the right people
    Find decision makers to get in the door quickly.
  • Accelerate the sales cycle
    Get the right intelligence to engage prospects.
  • Maximize your CRM effectiveness
    Gain a 360-degree view of prospects and accounts.

Customer Spotlight

"...Our relationship with Sales is probably the best it has ever been. Meetings are constructive with more trust and greater reliance on marketing to help drive leads. It’s a very positive outcome.
Dun & Bradstreet has helped with this"

Kathy Kauffman
Marketing Automation, Segmentation & Planning Manager | Entrust Datacard

Operations & Supply

Make your supplier relationships a source of competitive advantage

  • Find the best suppliers
    Secure strong additions to your supplier network.
  • Minimize supply chain risk
    Find weak links in your supply chain and take steps to strengthen.
  • Detect disruptive events
    Be alerted to critical risk indicators and address immediately.
  • Attain supply chain visibility
    Understand corporate connections and streamline operations.

Customer Spotlight

"With the Supplier Portfolio Manager, we gain insight into the entire portfolio of suppliers. Where it once took us a long time to go through a lot of data, with the Supplier Portfolio Manager, we now have quick access to the information that we need"

Mike Callens
VP Sourcing, Atlas Copco

Data management

Growth Starts With Understanding Connected Relationships

  • Match, Cleanse & Augment Data
    Get clarity across every relationship in your portfolio.
  • Link Disparate Databases Across the Enterprise
    Discover the untapped value of interconnected bonds to create a true Relationship Data Platform.
  • Activate Advanced Analytics to Unlock New Opportunities
    Leverage advanced analytics to better predict performance based on past behavior and look for triggers and insights that can forecast unforeseen needs.

Customer Spotlight

"The quality, depth and detail of the data from Dun & Bradstreet combined with a team to build out the modeled universe meant we could be more targeted, precise and accurate in our marketing program, resulting in a more successful outcome."

Andrew Ford
VP for Marketing and Communications, Europe, Pitney Bowes